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1 . What's FDA test ?

Food and Drug Administration, is one of the Word class food and drug administration institution, Specifically for food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and other products for safety prosecuted. By acetic acid immersion, test cup of heavy metal heavy metal content. Standard within qualified, standard outside is unqualified. By acetic acid immersion, test cup of heavy metal heavy metal content. Standard within qualified, standard outside is unqualified. All of our product can pass the FDA test.

2 . Whether the Color changing mug poisonous ?

When the blank mug, color changin meterials, and auxiliary materials, manufacturers has been fully considered, whether these materials are passs the inspection of SGS, and ITS, or other Testing on the detection. Mugkiss answer is Yes, no harm to us, non-toxic processed into MUGKISS color changing mug, Also tested according to food containers acetate soak test, non-toxic, lead-free, chrome-free, achieved European standards and FDA standard, though everyone be at ease use. Cost savings, choose industrial-class materials, this kind of undesirable product will not suggest that we use for a long time.

3 . How to protect your color changing mug ?

A. Pls don't scrape on the printing with shap & hard tools.
B. Wash with hand, not suitable in Dishwasher machine and Heat-disinfection machine.
C. Avoid Shock cooling & shock heating, example, take the mug from freezer then put boiling water immediately.
D. Don't expose under the sunshine for a long time.

4 . How to choose the color changing mug ?

Color changing mug, we talking about is porcelain color changing mug. China is a ceramic powers, We had thousand years history of produce ceramic production.

A good start is from blank mug with good quolity, then color changing technology craft quolity, and the motif design make people feeling smart, make people surprise or realize something, but that's not a day work. How to authenticate a color changing mug ? We have to check the quality of the blank mug, the craft, the design, and safety. We have this following details of quality standar:
A. Check the blank mug, check the brightness of the mug, whether the rimofacup is in a circle, if it has clear particle or pit, color uneven, or parti-color, scratch, flaw, ect. At the present stage. The No.1 meterial is Magnesia porcelain, this porcelain fine and smooth, bright and clean as mire. The body of the mug thin and a little transparent, change color fast speed. Next is patedure, Strengthen porcelain, Stonware ect. Choosing magnesia porcelain to express your love to your loved one, such color changing mug appears all the more valuable.
B. Check the craft, whether the printing part has burn out, if the flower design orderliness and in right position.
C. Check the Effect, whether the picture is clear enough, whether the image of before color changing and after color changing can reach expectant surprised effect.
D. See safety: Whether this products havd branding, all the material used environmental protection, Whe the product can pass food inspection standard. Whether the company passed ISO9001.

5 . The processing craft of color changing mug.

There are four basic crafts as below: a.Direct printing: its can be transfer printing or surfaces printing pring on the mug direct. This Craft suit for simple design, small quantity, whether need to bakeout its depend on the material.
b.Water transfer: first print the image on the paper, second combined with silk screen printing, spraying printing, third put the transferred paper into the water, picture leave the paper, fourth stick the picture on the mug, then bakeout made up articles.
c.Heat transfer: stick the heat transfer paper on the mug, and use the mug baking machine bake the picture on the mug, its take 3-4 minute. This is easiest craft for making color changin mug. Its suit for individual customize products.
d.spray-finishing:we use paint spraying process the color changing material coated outside the mug, this craft use for full color changing mugs

6 . How do they work ?

When we put hot drinks or cold drinks in to the mug, once the temperature inside the mug changed the design outside the mug can changing image.

7 . What's color changing mug ?

Color changing mug, by definiton this mug can changed color. There's some special meterial outside the mug, this mug are influenced ty temperture or the circumstances changing color. Now in the market people talking about the color changing mug is "heat sensitive color changing mug" when we put hot drinks or cold drinks in to the mug, the design outside the mug can changing image, picture, design once the temperture inside the mug changed. That made people feel very mysterious and suprise, and interesting. People also call that's 'magic mug'.


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